The Farm System Introduces:

The FarmBoard

"Designed To Help Players Move Better"


We created The FarmBoard because it serves as a solution to an overarching movement problem we see from baseball players of all ages. Many coaches and movement experts understand the importance of training on a slideboard. Heck, we implement one everyday in our player’s movement prep-work.

The problem we ran into was portability and blending the moves back into the regular swing. After several prototypes, we created a portable, easy to use player development tool for both hitters and pitchers. While this was a break through, we didn’t feel like that was enough. We wanted to share with you how we are using The FarmBoard to train players.

So we put together educational videos and application drills that you’ll get instant access to that you can implement right when you purchase The FarmBoard. Here are some of the benefits The FarmBoard provides:

The FarmBoard is easy to set up and use!

The FarmBoard is portable!

The Farm Board is versatile and designed for use on any surface!





Instant Access to 25+ educational videos and tools for application!

So, here’s the deal:

If you order your Package Today, we’ll send you the FarmBoard and give you instant access to all the educational videos for just $29.99!

We know, we know… That’s a steal. But our goal is to not only provide player development tools to coaches, but also the means necessary to implement those tools! We understand the question “will this work on the surface my players train on?” That’s why we tested it on almost every surface. BUT, with the purchase of The FarmBoard, you’ll also get a set of rubber  and felt floor grabbers. We find The Board works perfect without these, but we wanted to put your mind at ease.

Click the “Order Now” button below to get your FarmBoard and Educational Videos for just $29.99:

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DISCLAIMER: By purchasing this product, the consumer is assuming the risk of any injury resulting in the use of The FarmBoard in any capacity. The Farm System Baseball Podcast is not responsible or liable for any injuries.

The FarmBoard: Created To Help Players Move Better!25+ Educational/Drill Videos Included.. all for just $29.99!