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The goal of the podcast is to provide a holistic approach to player and coach development. We do this by bringing you the greatest baseball minds in the game, through the airwaves on a weekly basis!


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At The Farm System, we take pride in being life long learners. We serve to bridge the gap from where you are to where you are going. We do what we do for our listeners, by our listeners and with our listeners. We aim to pave the way for the future leaders of this country!

I'm proud to see what Beau and Joey have done for the game of baseball. The Farm System Podcast is a tremendous resource for both coaches and players.
Adrian Dinkel
Head Coach Southeastern University
The Farm System Podcast is a great way for coaches, players and instructors of all ages to learn from the best the game has to offer!
Monte Lee
Head Coach Clemson University
Jeremy Sheetinger
Host of Calls From The Clubhouse Podcast
Eugene Bleecker
Eugene Bleecker
Founder/Director of Player Development at 108 Performance
What Joey and Beau have done with their podcast in such a short time is truly inspiring. Their ability to advance the game by consistently delving into the subject of new technologies has helped bridge the gap between theory and application. They are a must listen in my library every week!
Bryan Conger
Head Coach Tarleton State University