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Rhythm and timing are the two things which all infielders must have. Incorporate drills which includes the two. Get the training @zonedsports #rhythmandtiming

“Morning workouts! Your work ethic needs to stay consistent through the highs and lows. Never waiver from what has brought you success. Work on perfecting your strengths and improving your weaknesses daily!”

“Make it a short hop! Simple controlled drill that works on creating and picking through the short hop. Great for a small station with lots of reps. “

“Working on double-play footwork from second base position. Great drill to work on timing and rhythm.”

“Working with Victor on lateral shuffles. Good drill to work on moving with good posture and letting the hands work out in front. He is using the Rawlings training glove to help with deflecting the ball to his control hand.”

“Backhand to power drill. Another great warm-up drill. A controlled drill that focuses on glove work and picking through the ball. Lots of quality reps!”

“Working with Sam on her prep step quickness. Reading the ball and creating an angle or lane to the ball. The use of cones help visualize the lanes. #softballdrills

“A little “Ozzie Drill” with the players. Great way to warm up the hands, focus on hip and shoulder tilt, while reading the ball off the bat.”

“Reaction drill. Simulating “infield In” situation. Players listen to the sound off the bat and react.

Early morning commitment! Master the foot work so it becomes a habit. Working on quick feet, athleticism and posture.