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Exclusive Mini Course Reveals The Eight Foundational Keys You Need To Develop Youth Hitters… Even If You Have No Background In Biomechanics!

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If you’d like to learn the information that the most elite baseball and softball programs are using to train their players, while also being equipped to implement these methods to help players of all ages to hit harder and move better.. and do it without having to get a biomechanics degree… here’s how we are doing it and how you can too.

Here’s the story:

Our names are Joey Cunha and Beau Kallas.

We’re the founders of The Farm System Baseball Podcast and we’ve been fortunate enough to learn and coach alongside some of the leaders in player development. Our client list includes many MLB teams, professional, collegiate, high school and youth athletes. We’ve worked with thousands of players of all ages, implementing the exact foundational blocks that are included in this Mini Course. 

Here’s why this is important for you:

As a youth coach, you wear many hats.

You’re the accountant, police officer, coffee shop owner, construction worker or our favorite, Dad. You’re charged with the responsibility of teaching the next generation hard work, discipline, competitiveness.. while managing the overall success of your team.. and ensuring the development of each individual player.  You have time constraints, outside commitments, budgets, and limited staff.  You know your players deserve the latest methods in coaching and development, but you wonder, “Where do I even start?”

What’s worse, with the “data revolution” in baseball…

There's More Self Proclaimed "EXPERTS" Than EVER

It’s hard to know where to turn when you’re trying to add to your coaching tool box. 

You want a foundation of what you need to know about human movement & performance to get you up to speed AND put you ahead of everybody else.

Introducing our new video coaching mini-course:

The Farm System's Essentials of Hitting

This course is designed with you in mind… to quickly bring you up to speed with the latest research, but in simple terms that can be understood by any coach, even if you’ve never so much as read an article on biomechanics!

(And if you’re already somewhat versed in the science of the swing and biomechanics, this course will help you connect the dots between the old school methods with the new school innovations)

Here’s a sneak peak of whats inside:

  • The basic human movement principle that rapidly speeds up the training process for our players (this is the first thing we cover for all of our clients; professionals and youth!)
  • What you need to know about how the body produces force most efficiently and why this is important when it comes to reinforcing movement patterns in the swing (This is the foundational building block for how to generate and create maximal force, consistently.)
  • One of the biggest misconceptions that many coaches teach to their hitters, ESPECIALLY TO YOUNG PLAYERS (and why this can actually coach the good movement patterns out of players!)
  • Why it’s more important for baseball & softball players of all ages to focus on technique before strength (this is the most common issue we see in our older and professional athletes!)
  • The simple analogy that can help your hitters increase balance, stability and force transmission (and why this is especially important for youth athletes!)
  • The surprising truth that most young hitters naturally have good movement patterns that eventually get coached out of them as they move up levels (and how coaches can prevent this from happening to their athletes!)
  • How to get the most out of our engines (Hint.. it’s the BRAKES)
  • Why The Art of Coaching is so important and how we can become better teachers.
  • Why are first job as a coach is to do no harm (and ensure that ball players leave us better than when they started!)
  • How you can take this information and implement it TODAY with…

Our Nine Bullet Proof Drills To Enforce Good Movement Patterns With ANY Hitter ⚾️

A Farm System caveat: you’re not just going to get the information. It’s our goal to equip every coach with the tools to create change in their players. That’s why we’ve included our nine bullet proof drills that we use with our highest level clients. Combine these with the information you’ll learn in the course and we guarantee you’ll see tremendous change in your training sessions.

Here’s The Deal 👇

We have taught these same principles found in this course to players, coaches and organizations all over the country. They paid thousands to learn these concepts. We’ve condensed the information into an easily digestible & implementable course that is made up of our primary beliefs and building blocks.

Today, you won’t need to invest thousands…

You don’t even need to pay $100.

You can get unlimited, lifetime, instant access to The Farm System’s Essentials To Hitting Course & Our Nine Bullet Proof Drills For $110 Free When You Join The Farm+.

Simple as that.

This is your opportunity to learn state-of-the-art coaching principles being used by our big league clients at a fraction of the cost.

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