Data Interpretation


The Yakkertech technology is the gold standard in ball tracking!


Only stereo vision technology captures the actual seams as the ball is moving through the air. Yakkertech “sees” the seams, allowing us to produce the most accurate and robust data in the market for both pitching and hitting.

Non-vision technology often struggles with accurate detection of certain key data, like spin axis and trajectory… but it’s hard to know. With Yakkertech, the information is shown immediately on the tablet, is accessible at any time, and it shows you if the detection was correct. There is no cloud that you have to access to find your data. The Yakkertech technology advantage best supports the needs of coaches and player to attain expedited improvement.


Spin axis is the holy grail in assessing pitchers and pitching performance. Only Yakkertech can provide highly accurate data on the spin axis of a pitched ball as it comes into home plate. Movement of a baseball/softball, or lack thereof, is directly correlated to the spin axis of the ball. If the spin of a pitch is understood, then there is better opportunity to improve, increase or change the movement of it. Knowing the movement or improving the movement by even one inch makes a huge difference between what you get out of Yakkertech versus other systems.

Key Advantages

  • Yakkertech provides both a Portable system and an In Game system – both of which capture pitching and hitting data.
  • Easily match bullpen sessions with In Game when you have both systems. Why bother with having two different systems??
  • The data is ALWAYS on the tablet for you – every pitcher and hitter’s data is right there for you to compare and contrast.
  • Obtain data from hitting that no one else can – like depth of contact measured to the back of home plate, and “hitter” generated exit velo!
  • Yakkertech provides instant overlay – shoot video of your pitcher or hitter with the tablet, and the data instantly overlays!