Pitch Design




Why Does The Farm Choose Yakkertech?

Price Point 
The Yakkertech System is the most cost efficient Pitch Tracking Software on the market. Comparable in-game units fall in the range of $13,000 – $60,000. 108 values the accuracy of the data, at a fraction of the cost.

In-Game & Practice

The Yakkertech system can be used both indoors and outdoors, in games and in practice; making it perfectly suited for baseball and softball training, where it takes place. At The Farm System, we find tremendous value in the ability to have the same system providing data in the training environment and in-game. This allows us to track and provide accurate interpretations of our athlete’s development.


The Yakkertech device applies the only methodology capable of direct measurement of spin rate and spin axis. With the use of vision imaging technology, capturing the actual movements of the baseball seams can now be used as an additional development tool for athletes. The Farm System has a high regard for the accuracy of each data point collected when designing pitches with their athletes.