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Farm+ Exclusives

Utilizing a Kickback/Scissor

Key Takeaways From This Farm+ Exclusives

  • Why Giancarlo Stanton, Miguel Cabrera & Kris Bryant Utilize a kickback (and why we see this move in a lot of hitters!)
  • How to create + amplify force more efficiently (and why this might be a surprise to a lot of coaches!)
  • How to create space for tough pitch locations (and how this relates to body orientation in striking sports!)
  • Why great hitters are always “pulling” the baseball!
  • What allows Miguel Cabrera to hit the ball so well to the opposite field (and why he places such a high importance of this during training!)
  • The high level movement pattern a lot of coaches train out of hitters (especially at the youth level!)
  • The importance of body orientation (and how it affects sequencing after foot strike!)
  • Why majority of elite movers land in a closed position at foot strike!
  • Additional resources for continued development!