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Using The Ground

Key Takeaways From This Farm+ Exclusive

  • Ground Reaction Force (and how this relationship allows us to amplify the force we create!)
  • Force Plate Data (and understanding the difference between being able to measure something and being able to coach it!)
  • Why we studied hockey slap shots (and why almost none of them had pushy lower half’s!)
  • The high level movement pattern seen across various sports & athletes (and how it provides hitters space, direction & force transmission!)
  • Why Jose Altuve places a high importance on training the Kickback/Scissor (and why he’s not the only big leaguer who does this!)
  • The Important “Feel” that JD Martinez focused on during his swing change.
  • How slideboards can provide instant feedback in identifying force vectors (and the movement indicators that this reinforces!)
  • How to effectively use slideboards in your training (and how a simple anywhere tool can provide instant feedback!)
  • Additional resources to continue to develop your craft!