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FarmPlus Courses


FarmPlus Courses

Farm+ members receive full access to all of our current and future courses which include:

  • Essentials of Hitting Mini Course
  • Level One Biomechanics
  • Level Two Biomechanics
  • FarmBoard Level One
On The Horizon
  • Biomechanics Level 3
  • Skill Acquisition Level 1


Baseball Hitting Drills

Farm+ members receive full access to our database of 100+ drills featuring:

  • 100+ Drills (and continually adding!)
  • Hitting Drills tailored for more efficient movement and force transmission!
  • Pitching Drills specified for arm health and strength!
  • Strength & Performance Drills that will help performance transfer onto the field!
  • FarmBoard Drills that we’re integrating with our professional clientele!
  • In depth Drill Explanations and Break Downs. (Understand the when & where to implementing a drill or sequence)
Farm System Drills
Baseball Hitting Drills
Farm System FarmTalk
Farm System FarmTalk


Farm System FarmTalk

Become a fly on the wall with the 500+ FarmTalks featuring the sights and sounds that happen during training sessions opening up:

  • The training techniques we utilize during the Player Development Process!
  • The open dialogue that occurs during our Youth & Pro Sessions!
  • The Verbal Cues that can help you unlock the most stubborn movements.
  • How we integrate and utilize implements to mold the Swing!


The Farm System Movement Prep

FarmPrep gives you full access to movement prep we use with our athletes before sessions and includes:

  • Applicable takeaways you can use with your athletes in today’s sessions!
  • Muscle activation routines, fascial sling hydration, and incorporates the same movements we want to create in the cage. 
  • Prep work before hitting isn’t new, hitters have been preparing to hit since the origins of baseball. This resource just applies a science driven approach to getting your body ready to hit while building new movement capabilities
The Farm System Movement Prep
Farm System Movement Prep
Tatis Jr Breakdown
JD Martinez

Farm+ Exclusives

JD Martinez

Farm+ Exclusives gives you our EYES and show you how we view human movement through:

  • Swing Breakdowns featuring some of the best players in the Game
  • See the Before and Afters as players make changes
  • Presentations on different aspects of Player Development
  • Defensive strategy sessions

Myth vs Fact

Farm System Myth vs Fact

Mini-Episodes featuring the most common terms in baseball & softball that we dub Myth vs Fact:

  • What is really Happening vs. Misunderstood Concepts
  • Were the Old School coaches right? Are the New School concepts misguided?
  • What are you missing in the swing?
Farm System Myth vs Fact
Myth vs Fact
Farm Threads


Farm Threads

FarmThreads are the new way to consume the latest trends and information related to player development:

  • Blogs featuring in-depth analysis of data & tech and how it relates to the swing
  • Focused articles on the science of Hitting and Human Movement
  • Leadership development and mentorship
Farm+ Discounts

DIscount codes

Farm+ Discounts

Every Coach loves to save money! Farm+ Members Receive full access to our collection of discount codes on our products as well as our partners:

  • 15% off The FarmBoard
  • 10% off all Farm System Apparel
  • Up to $300 off of 4D Motion Capture Software
  • Discounts on all the tools we use!

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