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Players Are Using This Simple Tool To Unlock Movement Done By The Game’s Best!


  • Helps solve the main movement problems of amateur players
  • MLB & College teams, like Clemson, are using it every day!
  • You can use it literally anywhere! (It might have a use in the kitchen🤷🏻‍♂️)
  • Includes Training Course revealing the science behind The FarmBoard and our go-to-drills
  • Minimal coaching needed: Just place it on the floor and use the drills as shown in the videos… That’s the beauty of this! It does most of the coaching for you.

From: Joey Cunha & Beau Kallas


If you’d like a simple way to teach your players efficient movement patterns… patterns that can quickly unlock their full potential both on the mound and at the plate… and without constantly needing a coach over your shoulder… then you’ll want to dig into this resource!

Here’s the story:

We’re the founders of The Farm System and we’ve been fortunate enough to learn and coach alongside some of the leaders in player development. We utilize the most innovative technology and data trends to research and develop new ways to train and prepare our athletes. We’ve worked with thousands of players of all ages and our client list includes top youth, high school, collegiate players, plus…

Listen To What The Head Coach Of The 2018 ACC Conference Champs Had To Say About The Farm Board👀

Wow, that’s high praise from a team and coach we highly respect!

For some time now, we’ve been looking for a solution to the overarching movement problems that we see in baseball players of all ages on a daily basis.  Many coaches and movement experts try using slide boards to address these training issues. 🙄

Heck, we implement one every day in our player’s movement prep-work.

The problem we ran into was portability and blending the moves back into the regular swing. Many slide boards are too big and therefore tricky to set up or transport.  And tools like the ValSlide Discs are too small and limit a player’s movement. After several prototypes and fine tuning, we created a portable, easy to use player development tool for both hitters and pitchers that teaches these movements seamlessly…

The FarmBoard 2.0 ⚾️

It’s 100% lightweight and portable. You can use it anywhere.

It’s versatile and designed for use on any surface: grass, turf, carpet… and it’s great for the batting cage! 

You don’t need to mess around with any awkward belts, straps, or harnesses.

You don’t need any special footwear… Just use it in your shoes or socks!

And the beauty of The FarmBoard is it helps our guys get a lot of work in without needing a coach’s eye on every single move they make.

Here’s How It Works... 👇

The FarmBoard is designed to train and increase feedback loops.

We learn based on feedback. You have to be able to develop FEEL for the athlete to make adjustments!

BUT… the higher-quality and faster the feedback, the better we learn.

By removing the normal friction players experience in contact with different surfaces, The FarmBoard forces the athlete to feel how they’re using the ground to create force.  With The FarmBoard, you can’t cheat… Any pushing, lunging, spinning, lack of balance and your players will quickly be exposed.

And this instant feedback helps them make adjustments quicker.

But that just scratches the surface of the Science of The FarmBoard.. that’s why we created..

The FarmBoard Level One Course!

While The FarmBoard itself could be a breakthrough tool for your players, we didn’t feel like that was enough. We wanted to share with you why The FarmBoard works and how we are using it to train our athletes.

🎥 So we put together The FarmBoard Level One Course that walks you through 8 Lessons breaking down the science of the Board + 24 Drills for instant implementation. We not only dive in on how to use the board as a develop tool, but also reveal how you can use it as an additional assessment. This course and tool will level up your tool belt the moment you click play.

Best part?

When you get your FarmBoard, you also get.. 


No strings attached.

But first, here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside the FarmBoard Level One Course + Drill Package:

📝 EIGHT Course Lessons

⚾️ EIGHT Hitting Drill Videos!

⚾️ EIGHT Pitching Drill Videos!

⚾️ EIGHT Strength & Performance Videos!

Instructional Drill Videos – Hitting 💪

  • 8 easy-to-use drills that let hitters develop more “flow” and uncork effortless power! 💥 (Coaches love these because The FarmBoard is so easy to use.  Simply set up The FarmBoard the way we show you – which takes all of two seconds – and watch your players almost instantly refine their swing.)
  • A simple, little-known drill that forces better movement patterns every single time (Best part: This is something athletes can do themselves without a coach!)
  • An easy-to-do progression that helps “blend” movement drills back into your everyday swing (Drills are only as good as their ability to impact real changes in your ability to hit.  Here’s a simple way to make sure those new skills transfer to the field for maximum results.)
  • A secret, almost automatic way to help players’ movement patterns become more efficient over time (The best players make it look easy.  That’s because they’re efficient. This rare technique will help you squeeze every drop of potential out of your players.)
  • The strange – but highly effective – “slap shot” drill that lets your back foot connect with the floor the way it was meant to 🏒 (This is the key to helping your players use the back foot as an anatomical “emergency brake” to transfer a massive amount of speed and power into their swing!)

Instructional Drill Videos – Pitching ⚾️

  • The “feed the mistake” secret that lets you quickly “auto-correct” any throwing defects! (It does this by exaggerating the moves you make when not on the slide board.  This feedback instantly shows your pitcher what to adjust.)
  • A scientifically proven way to transmit more force from the ground up through your body, and through your body out into the ball (We’ll show you how the best pitchers in baseball all do this… and how your pitchers can quickly learn it too, using the FarmBoard and the drills we reveal in the video!)
  • An almost unknown way to squeeze more speed and power out of every pitch by making your front foot less stable at contact (We know it sounds weird, but this is such valuable feedback.  It will show pitchers of all different body types what mistakes they’re currently making that might be robbing their velocity!) 
  • A simple laundry list of common “bad movement” patterns to watch out for (These will help you more easily diagnose any pitcher who’s struggling with fatigue, injuries, and lack of velocity and command. Yet they’re so simple you’ll be able to teach your pitchers to self-diagnose these problems too!)
  • 3 drills that will help any pitcher move better, throw harder, and develop faster 🔥 (Throw the board down and go to work. That’s the beauty of The FarmBoard. Your athletes can use it anytime, anywhere with minimal supervision!)

Instructional Videos – Strength & Performance 🏋️‍♂️

  • The special, complimentary effect of using The FarmBoard together with a Versa Pulley (Better rotational baseball players are stronger players.  They’re healthier players. Here’s a powerful way to help them achieve that.)
  • Two simple drills that – if used consistently – will make your players stronger and more explosive (These develop the ability to decelerate the body that is needed to launch every swing and unleash your velocity on the mound – by strengthening the hips, back and obliques!)
  • Slide-Out Variation Drills to help build stabilization that allow for proper sequencing!
  • and much, much more…

These are just a few of the nuggets waiting for you inside The FarmBoard Level One Course.

And remember when you order the FarmBoard, the Course + Drills are included for FREE!

Here’s The Deal...

Our top collegiate and professional clients have paid thousands to access this information and are ordering FarmBoards by the dozen.

But you don’t have to pay thousands.

You don’t even have to pay $200.

Hell, you don’t even have to pay $50.

The FarmBoard is yours for just $34.99…

PLUS: Grab your board and we’ll include the Course with 8 Lessons + 24 Drill Videos… for FREE!

Our advice? Grab yours before we get back-ordered again 😅

When they gone, they gone. Get things moving below:


~Joey Cunha & Beau Kallas
The Farm System


P.S. If you’re looking for a “magic pill”… that one-shot silver-bullet that will solve all your player woes, don’t buy this product.

The FarmBoard and our training methods are not “magic”.

It simply facilitates better movements.

Movements that still need to be created by players.  

The FarmBoard is easy to use and together with these videos, it can open the door to better movement for ANY player.  But those players must walk through the door and put in the work to fix those patterns.

DISCLAIMER: By purchasing this product, the consumer is assuming the risk of any injury resulting in the use of The FarmBoard in any capacity. The Farm System is not responsible or liable for any injuries.