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what effects swing depth and Bat Path

Key Takeaways From This Farm+ Exclusive


  • What you need to know about how the body produces force most efficiently and why this is important when it comes to reinforcing movement patterns in the swing (This is the foundational building block for how to generate and create maximal force, consistently.)
  • One of the biggest misconceptions that many coaches teach to their hitters, ESPECIALLY TO YOUNG PLAYERS (and why this can actually coach the good movement patterns out of players!)
  • Why it’s more important for baseball & softball players of all ages to focus on technique before strength (this is the most common issue we see in our older and professional athletes!)
  • The simple analogy that can help your hitters increase balance, stability and force transmission (and why this is especially important for youth athletes!)
  • The surprising truth that most young hitters naturally have good movement patterns that eventually get coached out of them as they move up levels (and how coaches can prevent this from happening to their athletes!)
  • How to get the most out of our engines (Hint.. it’s the BRAKES)
  • Why The Art of Coaching is so important and how we can become better teachers.
  • Why are first job as a coach is to do no harm (and ensure that ball players leave us better than when they started!)
  • How you can take this information and implement it TODAY with…