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Pressure Data For The Coaches Budget!

Improve your game With Real Time Feedback 👍

  • The Farm System has Partnered with Salted to bring this NEW CUTTING EDGE TECH to the baseball space!
  • Tech Insoles that slides in your SHOE!
  • Measure your pressure when you hit, pitch, run the bases, play defense, or even when you’re in the weight room.
  • The Insoles have Embedded Sensors That Analyze Foot Pressure & Provide Real-Time Feedback With 12 Different Vibration Patterns. (That’s right, the insoles vibrate when you’ve created enough pressure, great for providing quick feedback to athletes.)
  • Water Proof & Sweat Proof
  • Drawing Tool and Audio Recording To Keep Track of Progress
  • Connect The SMART INSOLES to your phone via Bluetooth To Assess Movement!

In the past, pressure measurements were only available at million dollar performance labs or with the purchase of pricey $$$ force plates.😫 And this data was available in real time, and what in the world does it mean? How do I use it to get my players better? Salted’s Smart Insole tech powered by The Farm System’s application and continued education, solve these issues!💪🏼 

Ya, the game has changed…

We’ve Been The Nerds So You Don’t Have To Be 😉

Years of research and application science has led to a pressure tracking tech that slides in your shoe like any other insole. It’s like having a performance lab in your shoe. Technology is crazy right? 😅

The Smart Insoles are lightweight and portable. You can use it in every part of your game. Hit with it, pitch with it, play defense with, Workout with it. Track it all separately, use it to train and track progress as you develop your game. 

You don’t need to mess around with any awkward belts, straps, or harnesses. It just slides in your shoe. DONE!

You don’t need any special footwear…Just pick your shoe size and the insole will slide right in.

Switch from shoe to shoe within seconds. Take the smart insoles out of your cage shoes and slide them in your cleats. Take your cage results to the field without skipping a beat and without interrupting practice!

And the beauty of The Smart Insole is it helps our guys get a lot of work in without needing a coach’s eye on every single move they make. The “Vibration Mode” can provide the feedback for them! Save time and money!

Here’s How It Works... 👇

The Smart Insole is designed to train and increase feedback.

We learn based on feedback. You have to be able to develop FEEL for the athlete to make adjustments!

BUT… the higher-quality and faster the feedback, the better we learn.

The Smart Insoles give athletes the ability to visualBy removing the normal friction players experience in contact with different surfaces, The FarmBoard forces the athlete to feel how they’re using the ground to create force.  With The FarmBoard, you can’t cheat… Any pushing, lunging, spinning, lack of balance and your players will quickly be exposed.

And this instant feedback helps them make adjustments quicker.

But that just scratches the surface of the Science of The FarmBoard.. that’s why we created..

Superior Technology

With SALTED’s patented pressure sensor technology, a user’s foot pressure, gait pattern, bodyweight imbalance, and muscle movement can be accurately measured.


No strings attached.

But first, here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside the FarmBoard Level One Course + Drill Package:

Here’s The Deal...

Our top collegiate and professional clients have paid thousands to access this information and are ordering FarmBoards by the dozen.

But you don’t have to pay thousands.

You don’t even have to pay $200.

Hell, you don’t even have to pay $50.

The FarmBoard is yours for just $34.99…

PLUS: Grab your board and we’ll include the Course with 8 Lessons + 24 Drill Videos… for FREE!

Our advice? Grab yours before we get back-ordered again 😅

When they gone, they gone. Get things moving below:

DISCLAIMER: By purchasing this product, the consumer is assuming the risk of any injury resulting in the use of The FarmBoard in any capacity. The Farm System is not responsible or liable for any injuries.