Frequently Asked Smart Insole Questions

Our Smart Insoles can be connected to the SALTED Baseball App via Bluetooth. It helps find the optimal swing position through foot pressure analysis.
(For the first connection, SALTED Smart Insole needs to be flipped back.)

The SALTED Baseball App includes video recording. A swing capture can be divided into separate parts. This can provide a more detailed review to help improve swing posture and allows for more efficient practice of various baseball drills.

The SALTED Baseball App manages and stores all of your swing captures. You can use drawing mode and screen record to review and improve your swings in detail in “Swing Library”.

At the end of a session, users will see weight balance evaluation results and a dashboard on weight shifts.

Charging is made easy with magnetic, wireless charging.

Yes. The user can compare videos and keep track of their progress over time as well as receive feedback.

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