For Baseball and Softball Players That Want To Get Better!

Train With The Farm System

We’ve Got Options, Baby!

Choose from three Training Options:

The Evaluation

We look under the hood with this in depth swing evaluation! The Farm System team captures and breaks down your data and metrics via Bertec Force Plates, Swing Catalyst Video Analysis, K Motion, Rapsodo and Blast Motion! 

With The Farm

Want to hit with us but can’t make it to The Barn? Our full remote training option includes monthly or semi-monthly swing breakdowns with custom programming from The Farm System Team, plus full access to Farm+!

In The Barn

Come hit at The Barn with our full, in house training option! Players receive full access to our state of the art hitting lab and all of our resources with 3-on-1, fully individualized and custom training sessions with The Farm System team!

The Evaluation

  • In Depth Swing Evaluation Via Bertec Force Plate & Camera System, K Motion, Rapsodo and Blast Motion!

With The Farm

Full Remote Training Including:
  • Video Swing Breakdowns
  • Custom Programming
  • 1 on 1 Communication
  • Full Access To Farm+

At The Barn

Train at The Farm HQ:
  • 1 on 1 Sessions
  • Access to All Farm Tech
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