‪On this Segment, Joey Cunha discusses how we can use Rapsodo to develop a zone approach to help us hit balls hard more often.‬

On this segment, Joey Cunha discusses a few items to consider when developing an extra base hit approach with Rapsodo.

‪On this segment, Joey Cunha sinks one depth lower into approach design and touches on some of the corresponding metrics we look at.

On this Segment, Joey Cunha intros how we can use Rapsodo to design an individualized approach at the plate.‬

On this Segment, Joey Cunha breaks down how you can use your Rapsodo Hitting data to help develop a line up.

Take a look at some of 108 Performance’s Pro players using Rapsodo this week on the field!

‪On this Segment, Joey Cunha breaks down how we can utilize Rapsodo reports to monitor player progress.‬

On this Segment, Joey Cunha discusses the implication and application of the Rapsodo Sports Spray Chart when evaluating a hitter.‬

‪On this Segment, Joey Cunha introduces the Rapsodo Hitting Report. Rapsodo is launching a new interface soon, so stay tuned for those updates as well!‬

On this segment, Joey Cunhabreaks down how easy it is to jump from player to player when collecting data with Rapsodo.

On this segment, Joey Cunha breaks down some ways 108 Performance utilizes the Rapsodo spin metrics during a Hitting Evaluation.‬

‪On this segment, we discuss the range of optimal spin direction with the Rapsodo hitting unit.‬

‪On this segment, we break down what makes the Rapsodo Unit unique amongst over launch monitors.‬

Metrics & Movement Application! On this segment, we discuss the metrics that Rapsodo provides and dip into how they apply to human movement. #TheFarm #MeasureToMaster #The108Way

On this segment, we unpack why exit velocity and launch angle weren’t meant to be mutually exclusive. #TheFarm #MeasureToMaster #The108Way

On this segment, we dive into why there has been so much buzz around Launch Angle the past few years and additionally provide some context around LA vs. Hit Probability. #TheFarm #MeasureToMaster #The108Way

On this Segment, we discuss EV and it’s correlation to batting average and production. We also unwrap how EV’s, by themselves, leave something to be admired. #TheFarm #MeasureToMaster #The108Way

Launch Angle! During this segment we define launch angle and discuss some misconceptions about the metric that the Rapsodo hitting unit provides. #TheFarm #MeasureToMaster #The108Way

Today we open up on some of the base level metrics the Rapsodo hitting unit supplies. Later this week we will take a deeper dive in to these metrics and explore how they relate to player development. #TheFarm #The108Way #MeasureToMaster

Wrapping up our intro to the Rapsodo Hitting Unit, we touch on a question most coaches have about the unit. We demonstrate its durability and give you peace of mind with your investment! #MeasureToMaster #TheFarm #The108Way

Today we take a look at the rapsodo hitting unit. We discuss the process from receiving to tracking your first set of data. #MeasureToMaster #The108Way #FellasFellasFellas #TheFarm

The Farm System, Rapsodo and 108 Performance have teamed up to bring you value. Make sure to stay tuned while we venture in and through the realms of data collection, application, and player development.#TheFarm #The108Way #MeasureToMaster