The Farm Heavy Balls (Farm+)


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The Farm Heavy Balls are used to help develop better movement solutions for your athletes. With different weights, the variability tests the hitters contact quality, bat path, and efficiency.


  • Selected Item (Heavy Ball bundle of your choice)
  • Heavy Ball Course/Implementation
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5 Pack Baseballs (2x 5oz & 3x 16 oz Balls), 12 Pack Baseballs (3x 5oz, 6x 16oz, & 3x 24oz Balls), 48 Pack Baseballs (12x 5oz, 24x 16 oz, & 12x 24oz Balls), 5 Pack Softballs (2x 6.5oz, 2x 10oz, 1x 16oz Balls), 12 Pack Softballs (3x 6.5oz, 3x 10oz, 3x 16oz, 3x 20oz Balls), 48 Pack Softballs (8x 6.5oz, 10x 10oz, 15x 16oz, 15x 20oz Balls)


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