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Introducing: The Farm System’s NIL Program

How It Works

The Farm System is a player development content streaming platform featuring courses, drills, video breakdowns, prep work, blogs, apparel, training products and more!

We are looking for motivated student athletes with an online presence to help us in our marketing efforts. We have limited slots available and can not accept everyone in our NIL program. Fill out the form below to see if you’re a good fit!

Where it works

The FarmBoard is 100% lightweight and portable. You can use it anywhere.

It’s versatile and designed for use on any surface: grass, turf, carpet… and it’s great for the batting cage! 

You don’t need to mess around with any awkward belts, straps, or harnesses.

You don’t need any special footwear… Just use it in your shoes or socks!

And the beauty of The FarmBoard is it helps our guys get a lot of work in without needing a coach’s eye on every single move they make.

Why It Works

While The FarmBoard itself could be a breakthrough tool for your players, we didn’t feel like that was enough. We wanted to share with you why The FarmBoard works and how we are using it to train our athletes.

So we put together The FarmBoard Level One Course that walks you through 8 Lessons breaking down the science of the Board + 24 Drills for instant implementation (8 hitting, 8 pitching, 8 strength & performance.) We not only dive in on how to use the board as a development tool, but also reveal how you can use it as an additional assessment.

Best part? When you purchase The FarmBoard, you also get Instant Access to the lessons and drillsABSOLUTELY FREE!

What Coaches Are Saying

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