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Manny Being Manny

Key Takeaways From This Farm+ Exclusive

  • 25+ minute exclusive breakdown of two different Manny Ramirez swings from working with two different instructors! 
  • What causes Manny to “push” into his forward move (and what insight this can provide for our hitters!)
  • What allows Manny to create torque through his forward move (and the trick for coaches to see this easily!)
  • How the two different forward moves effect Manny’s posture (and what this means for his adjustability and ball striking!)
  • How his front foot interacts with the floor at FFS (and what this means for ground force reaction/techniques!)
  • How Manny’s  front shoulder can be indicative of what his barrel is doing!
  • What moves Manny uses to create and maintain direction in both swings (and changes he made to make his swing not one dimensional!)
  • What causes Manny’s back foot to kick back!
  • What Manny’s Kinematics look like at ball strike (and how this effects his force transmission & direction!)
  • How Manny uses a very common compensatory move to create space (and why a lot of hitters do this!)
  • How Manny’s head movement can be indicative of his spacing!
  • Which swing allows Manny to be more adjustable!