The Game - "Everyone Has A Story"

The Game features 60+ coaches, players, business innovators and fanatics that come together to tell the story of where the game was, where it is and where it's going.

Release Schedule:

Episode 1: Facilities - 2/1/22
Featuring: Florida Baseball Armory, 108 Performance, Push Performance

Episode 2: NCAA Baseball - 2/8/22
Featuring: Clemson University, University of Tampa, Trinity University

Episode 3: Professional Baseball - 2/15/22
Featuring: Justin Stone (Cubs), Greg Brown (Cubs)

Episode 4: NAIA Baseball - 3/1/22
Featuring: Georgia Gwinnett College, Southeastern University

Episode 5: Business Innovators - 3/8/22
Featuring: Bobby Tewksbary - Pelotero, Kevin Davidson - Baseball Cloud

Episode 6: NCAA Softball - 3/15/22
Featuring: Arizona State University, Louisiana State University, Taylor Pleasants (LSU)

Episode 7: High School/Youth - 4/1/22
Featuring: ZT Athletics, Rudy Garcia, Basic High School

Episode 8: Junior College Baseball - 4/8/22
Featuring: Central Arizona College, Eric Sim (King of Juco)

Episode 9: Season 1 Review - 4/15/22
Featuring: The Farm System

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Farm+ Members receive full access to our entire coaching curriculum including:

The Essentials of Hitting Mini Course which includes The Eight Keys to Developing Amateur Hitters and our Nine Bullet Proof Drills.

In Biomechanics Level 1, 2, & 3 we progress through the foundational principles of hitting biomechanics, how we assess hitters using this information and how we use this information to get players better.

The FarmBoard Level One Course unpacks the science behind our best selling training tool and how we use it to get athletes to use the ground more efficiently & increase feedback loops.

Develop & Implement Hitting Programs & Routines

From course to implementation! Categorized by movement buckets, Farm+ Members receive access to our database of 300+ training videos.

Movement Prep: A collection of movement drills developed to ensure our athletes are activated and prepared to hit when they step in the box!

Hitting Drills: Progress from Prep into training with our collection of 100+ Hitting Drills!

FarmTalks: Learn how we coach and cue our athletes with these behind the scenes nuggets and clips of our training sessions.

Swing Breakdowns & Movement Presentations

Show me the movement! Farm+ Exclusives are a collection of different video breakdowns and presentations we've given around the country featuring:

Swing Breakdowns Of The Game's Best Players

Movement Breakdowns From Our Lens

Defensive Strategy

Coaching & Leadership Development

Exclusive’s Added Continuously!

Baseball's Judges & Jury

In our Myth vs Fact video series, we unpack some of the most commonly used terms and concepts in the game and take them to court in order to dub them Myth or Fact!

Player Development Blog

FarmThreads are a collection of our thoughts on:

- Player Development

- Human Movement

- Skill Acquisition

- Leadership & Mentorship

- Personal Development

- Business Development


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Coaches Corner

Check out what coaches are saying about The Farm System

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"It's been beyond motivating to watch The Farm System grow and serve it's mission of positively impacting coaches. The true passion and youthful energy that both Joey and Beau bring to this coaching community, embracing their roles as stewards of the game, is contagious and i'm grateful to call them both friends."

Jeremy Sheetinger Head Baseball Coach - Georgia Gwinnett

What Joey and Beau have done with their podcast in such a short time is truly inspiring. Their ability to advance the game by consistently delving into the subject of new technologies has helped bridge the gap between theory and application. They are a must listen in my library every week!

Bryan Conger Pitching Coordinator - Cincinnati Reds

"I'm proud to see what Beau and Joey have done for the game of baseball. The Farm System Podcast is a tremendous resource for both coaches and players."

Adrian Dinkel Head Baseball Coach - Southeastern University

"The Farm System Podcast is a great way for coaches, players and instructors of all ages to learn from the best the game has to offer!"

Monte Lee Head Baseball Coach - Clemson University

"The Farm System is one of the most important informational resources we have in the baseball community. They have a tremendous passion for knowledge and show a clear desire to have a positive impact on the game. Their rapid growth is no surprise. We need more young coaches like them and more coaches of all ages listening to The Farm System Podcast."

Eugene Bleecker Founder & DPD - 108 Performance

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