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From: Joey Cunha & Beau Kallas


We started The Farm System 2 years ago to provide quality content to coaches like you.. baseball and softball coaches that were obsessed with helping athletes get the most out of their talents and abilities. Starting as a free podcast that now has listeners in all 50 states and 50+ countries, we wanted to create multiple information streams for coaches that are as invested as we are.

That journey began with the creation of our FREE Development Membership. This platform hosts over 300 resources that include:

  • Practice Plans & Resources to help maximize your practice time, eliminate the noise and get the most out of your team!
  • Hitting Drills & Resources that showcase how some of the top programs and facilities in the country are getting their guys to produce at a high level!
  • Pitching Drills & Resources meant to keep your pitchers healthy, moving more efficiently and throwing harder!
  • Defense Drills & Resources from some of the best defensive coaches in the industry!
  • Game Day Resources to help you find the perfect pre-game routine to get you prepared for first pitch!
  • Mental Game Resources to help get you and your team prepared both physically and mentally!
  • Discount Codes put together to help you get the most out of your budget!
  • Strength and Performance Resources to help integrate on-field performance with strength and performance!
  • Up to date Job Listings so you know when and where the opportunities are!
  • Data Resources to help you make sense of the information that is becoming more and more prevalent!
  • Available Players that are hungry for an opportunity to find a home and continue their playing careers!
  • … and MUCH MORE!

...But We Didn’t Stop There!

We take this very seriously. For some time now, we’ve been looking for a solution to an overarching problem that we see in the game of baseball. Information is more accessible than ever in today’s world of training. Being students of the game, We felt that there was still valuable content being left on the table.. information that the entire baseball community needed. We had it right under our noses and we knew we had to share it. 


TheFarm+ streamlines player development content to any device, month over month. We showcase how we are getting baseball and softball players better through:

FarmDrills 👀

Farm+ Members receive full access to our collection of FarmDrills featuring:

  • Hitting Drills tailored for more efficient movement and force transmission!
  • Pitching Drills specified for arm health and strength!
  • Strength & Performance Drills that will help performance transfer onto the field!
  • FarmBoard Drills that we’re integrating with our professional clientele!
  • New FarmDrills are added monthly and delivered right to your fingertips!

Included in our FarmDrills is content geared around The FarmBoard. We help shed light on how we’re using the anywhere player development tool to get players better!

FarmTalks 👀

Become a fly on the wall! FarmTalks are the sights and sounds that happen during cage sessions that feature:

  • The systems that we implement during the Player Development Process!
  • The open dialogue that occurs   during our pro sessions!
  • The Verbal Cues that can help you connect with a wider range of athletes!
  • The Implements that we integrate to elicit the efficient movements we’re shooting for! 
  • New FarmTalks are added monthly and delivered right to your fingertips!

FarmPlus Facebook Group 👀

Farm+ Members Are Invited To Join The Exclusive Facebook Group that will feature:

  • Exclusive Live Streams of our training sessions, player development systems, interviews and much more that won’t be available anywhere else!
  • Q & A’s with some of the most   credible coaches in the industry today!
  • A Group Of Coaches + Players That Are Hungry To Share and Gain Information!

ChatBoards 👀

Connect and Communicate with other likeminded individuals that are hungry to get themselves and their player’s better! Who knows what this will lead to?!

Auto Entry Into All Future Giveaways 👀

Giving back has been the priority of The Farm System since day one. Farm+ members are automatically entered into all of our giveaways! Some of the prizes our members have won include:

  • Blast Motion Sensors
  • Ballistic Throwing Sets From Silverback Sports
  • The QAB Bundle From Steve Springer
  • Ballistic Hitting Sets From Silverback Sports
  • The FarmBoard Bundle
  • Diamond Sports BP Baseballs and Coaches Fungo

Full Access To ALL Of The Farm System's Resources 👀

Remember the 300+ resources included in our Free Membership? Yeah, Farm+ Members get full access to everything The Farm System has to offer!

PLUS: For a limited time, get a FREE FarmBoard when you invest in TheFarm+

The FarmBoard is designed to train and increase feedback loops.

We learn based on feedback.

BUT… the higher-quality and faster the feedback, the better we learn.

By removing the normal friction players experience in contact with different surfaces, The FarmBoard forces better movement patterns immediately.  With The FarmBoard, you can’t cheat… Any bad movement patterns your players do will quickly be exposed.

And this instant feedback lets them adapt quicker.

While The FarmBoard itself could be a breakthrough tool for your players, we didn’t feel like that was enough. We wanted to share with you how we are using The FarmBoard to train our athletes.

🎥 So we put together educational videos that take you step-by-step through our go-to drills, and reveal some of the best-kept secrets on bad movement “tells” to watch for when doing these drills.  Using The FarmBoard to correct these will instantly help your players!

Best part?

For a limited time..

These Exclusive Instructional Videos are also FREE when you invest in TheFarm+

No strings attached.

But first, here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll learn inside the videos:

  • 📝Instructional Videos – Prerequisites: Everything you need to know about when to use The FarmBoard, how to use it, and which players to use it with (Our series of more than 25 videos breaks down for you the exact drills we use with players at all levels to create the specific result you want.
  • 💪 Instructional Videos – Hitting: 7 easy-to-use drills that let hitters develop more “flow” and uncork effortless power! 💥 (Coaches love these because The FarmBoard is so easy to use.  Simply set up The FarmBoard the way we show you – which takes all of two seconds – and watch your players almost instantly refine their swing.)
  • ⚾️ Instructional Videos – Pitching: A scientifically proven way to transmit more force from the ground up through your body, and through your body out into the ball (We’ll show you how the best pitchers in baseball all do this… and how your pitchers can quickly learn it too, using the FarmBoard and the drills we reveal in the video!)
  • 🏋️‍♂️ Instructional Videos – Strength & Performance: Two simple drills that – if used consistently – will make your players stronger and more explosive (These develop the ability to decelerate the body that is needed to launch every swing and unleash your velocity on the mound – by strengthening the hips, back and obliques!)
  • and much, much more…

Many Major League Baseball Organizations Are Now Teaching Our Unique Methods. 👀

These are just a few of the secrets waiting for you right now inside The FarmBoard instructional videos and The Farm+

These are our proprietary methods and you won’t see them anywhere else.

And with your Farm+ membership, you get monthly content and drills focused on how we continue to use The FarmBoard to help our athletes move better.

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