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Featuring Fernando Tatis Jr.

In the video, Tatis Jr. talks through staying on his back leg and not pushing from it. But why is pushing from the back leg bad? What is the more efficient move?

Back Leg Push Leads to:

  • Loss of Space
  • Less Efficient Force Transmission
  • Direction Issues
  • Giving Up Your Anchor
  • Barrel Drag
  • Snap Hooked Balls
  • Sliced Balls
  • Less Time For Decision Making
  • Rely On Active Tension

Staying anchored helps with:

  • Spacing To Deliver Barrel
  • Efficient Transmission Of Force
  • Direction To Middle of Field
  • Stability In The Forward Move
  • More Time For Swing Decision
  • Anatomical E-Brake

Now we know that staying anchored is the desired result, but do you know how to train it?

We have found that creating anchors in the ground is a great starting Point! We Train this with:

  • Yoga Blocks
  • Bat Between Feet
  • FarmBoards

These are some great examples of drills we use to create anchor points and get athletes grounded.

We then focus on moving from proximal to distal. The middle of the body is what needs to initiate rotation and not the extremities. We train this with:

  • Diagonal Step Backs
  • FarmBoards
  • Reverse Leg Kicks
  • Back Leg Swings

These are some good foundational keys to how we train athletes to do this:

ICYMI: We posted a video recently of Fernando Tatis Jr. unpacking what he is trying to accomplish at the plate as well as his plan to execute his approach. If you want to check it out, click the button below!

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