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Featuring Mike Trout

        Foot Pressure is a topic that can be very difficult to navigate. The reason being, every athlete applies pressure throughout their foot during the entire duration of a movement. Where it gets tricky and what can separate some athletes and coaches from others, is when you can identify what part of the foot is being utilized at what point in time. Down below is a great example of this. We take a look at Mike trout during his swing. To some, it can be hard to see at game speed. But when frozen in a picture, we can identify what exactly we are seeing, with clarity.

Take a look at how his foot is in full contact with the ground before he starts. He then dynamically moves into his load/gather, where you see his back foot’s big toe come up off the ground. This is showing his foot pressure predominantly in his heel and the outside part of his foot. Lastly, we look at front foot strike and see that he has now shifted his foot pressure into the inside part of his back foot, while the length of his foot is still in contact with the ground and not coming up onto his toe, yet.

While there is a lot to unpack when it comes to foot pressure, the most important thing to focus on is, “why is it important?” & “how can i apply that knowledge?” So let’s look at those!

Now that we know why it is important and how to apply it, take a look at a few recent posts of ours where we show how we have been using foot pressure within our training and drills!

Launch Swings

Bosu Ball Swings

Up until this point, Foot Pressure hasn’t been much of a focus due to expensive equipment that you typically only find In a research lab.

Here are a few tools that we use that are great ways to train and monitor foot pressure:

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Salted Smart Insoles

The FarmBoard

Mini Bosu Balls

These tools are portable and give instant feedback without needing an expert in foot pressure to recognize what the pressure patterns are showing us. It’s so easy yo mama could do it!

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