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Hitting Talks

2 Ball Quick Toss

Think About a Second Ball Coming

Be Conscious of Your Reps

Changing Movements Changes Timing

Don't teach them what to think- teach them how to think

Get the Low Pitch with Your Upper Body

Hammer the Nail

Open 45's

Step Backs At An Angle

Back Hip Under Front Hip

The Upper Body Follows The Hips

Feeling A Move From The Middle

Keep The Leg Away From You on Stepbacks

Feedback From Check Swings

Don't Let The Upper Bpdy Pull you Away from The Ball

You Only Fail when You Stop Trying to Work On Things

Screw Into The Ground

Our Moves Change How Pitches Look

Should I Think or Feel

Should You Step Closed?

Do You Stack On The Back Side?- Try These!

Throw Your Hardest Punch

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