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Manage Stability and Mobility

Angled Stepbacks on Farm Board

Why Step Back?

Another Reason To Step Back

Track The Ball In, Even On A Tee

Don't Lift It, Swing Through It

Down and Through The Ball, Like Golf

Rotate Up or Pull Up?

Don't Muffle Your Punch

Tight and Strong In A Small Window

Miss North/South, Not East/West

Old Moves Are Like Bad Habits

Roll Through The Middle Of The Field

Kick Back Should Happen Late

The Body Moves Under a Still Head

Good Hitters Hit When They're Early, On Time, or Late

Easy, Effortless and Smooth

Keep Your Feet Under You

Rotate Over The Back Hip

Why Shouldn't We Swing Hard Early

Why Start Anchored and Closed

Sometimes Segments Can Get Locked Together

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