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Hitting Talks

Rotational Takes vs Push Takes

Cabrera Swing Mechanics

Body Behind The Ball

3 Ball Quick Toss

McGuire Drill Variation

Throw The Barrel

Counter Rotation Of The Upper Half Is Key In The Forward Move

We Want Stretch Both Ways

Hands Work In A U

Swivel Takes You Forward, Upper Body Stays Back

Thoughts on Upper Body Rotation During Load

The Cue Doesn't Matter if the Right Move is Created

Stretch The Obliques

Rotate The Back Hip Up

We Don't Want To Swing Like Door

Head Over Home Plate

We Want Stretch, But Not As Much As Possible

Moving The Middle Moves The Back Leg

Slapshot On 2 Farm Boards

There's Only So Many Ways to Generate Force

It Okay To Have A Bad Rep Sometimes

The Most Common Mistake On Farm Boards

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