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The Essentials Of Hitting Certificate of Completion Quiz

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1. For maximal force production we want our energy to work _________ to __________ ?
2. We want to create force from ___________________________?
3. We need the ground to create force.
4. We need stability to create maximal force.
5. In order to be balanced at the end of a rotational movement we must use our _____________.
6. “Squishing the bug” is one of the most effective techniques of using the ground.

When striking an object we want to be ________________________ ?

8. If you can get up to speed in a large window of time, it guarantees you can get up to speed in a small window of time.

During the Course, Joey talked about a pyramid of development. From bottom to top, what order did he say we should train athletes in?

10. If you want to use the full force of your engine you need ____________?
11. One of the most important factors of teaching a new skill is _______________?
12. The timing of your feedback to athletes is critical.
13. Cues are the only tool we have to get players to move differently.
14. External cues are always more effective than internal cues.
15. This/These are useful tools of teaching an athlete a new skill:
16. No two athletes are the same so you shouldn’t teach them the same.
17. You should never adapt your coaching style, you coach the way you coach for a reason.
18. Your number one role as a coach is _________________?
19. In every drill you should emphasize _____________?

The Drills we used in the course should be the only drills you ever use with hitters?