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The FarmBoard was created to mimic a large slideboard. Built for portability, versatility and durability, the FarmBoard can be used to manipulate the floor during any type of training. The Purchase of a board also includes INSTANT ACCESS to 25+ Digital Educational/Drill Videos!

A revolutionary wireless 3D Full Body & Bat Motion Capture system for your mobile device. Sensors smaller than a poker chip capture your movements in 3D for analysis right on your smartphone or tablet. The software provides 3D visualization of your setup, swing, data and even an overlay comparison of swings.

Kick & Stick

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Half Bat Discount

Having trouble slicing or cutting balls? The Half Bat Trainer was designed for immediate feedback for flush vs. sliced contact! Underload training for unlimited reps. The Half Bat Trainer is currently used by the Houston Astros, Clemson, LSU… the list goes on and on!

Diamond Sports Discount

Diamond Sports offers a wide range of baseball and softball training equipment.

The Yakkertech Technology is the gold standard in ball tracking. Yakkertech provides both a portable system and an in game system – both of which capture pitching and hitting data. Learn more about their system through the link above and make sure to let them know The Farm System sent you; they’ll take care of you! 

Blast Motion Discount

Blast Motion Sensor is the industry’s most accurate motion capture sensor, integrated with automatic analysis, insights, player/coach communication and information/player management tools. 

Silverback Sports Discount

Silverback Sports is the alpha when it comes to baseball training equipment. 

Steve Springer Discount

Steve Springer is a world renowned speaker regarding the mental side of hitting. 

Motus Baseball Discount

Motus Baseball tracks throwing arm workload to help athletes improve readiness and optimize performance! 

Great lakes bat co

Bats, Apparel, Uniforms, Packages and an Informative Blog, Great Lakes Bat Co. is trusted by  many professionals. 

Bucked Up Supps Discount

Take your workouts to the next level with Bucked Up Supplements. 

Lace Up Athletics

The first flexible training weight that fits around any size baseball or softball bat. Check out the LaceUp section of the resources to see the different variations of use for training. 

Dyna Swing Discount

Using Dynamic Core Technology, the mission is to innovate baseball instruction through providing the highest quality training products and content. 

The first flexible training weight that fits around any size baseball or softball bat. Check out the LaceUp section of the resources to see the different variations of use for training. Use the code Baseball10 for 10% off on your order!

Products We Use

Precision Slugs

These Slugs are heavy sand-filled PVC balls designed and weighted to provide instant REAL-TIME feedback.

Different color adjustable resistance bands: Yellow (10 lbs), Blue (20 lbs), Green (30 lbs), Black (40 lbs), Red(50 lbs). All Whatafit exercise bands are 36″ in length, and can be used alone stacked in any combination to a maximum equivalent of 150 lbs.

3D Strap Discount


COMFORTABLE AND DURABLE: The Resistance Band make from High-quality Cotton Polyester Fabric and Elastic Natural Latex Design. and it will have a comfortable, sturdy, and strong resistance Feature when you Using it.

Foam Roller Discount

36″ High-density foam roller with molded edges

INCLUDES (2) racquets and (2) shuttlecocks

Balance Pad Discount

High-density foam roller with molded edges

Baseball Bucket Discount

The Champion Sports Ball Bucket is an empty, hard plastic container with 6 gallons big enough to hold approximately 4 dozen baseballs, 2 dozen softballs or 8 dozen lacrosse balls

Bosu Ball Discount

High-density foam roller with molded edges

High-density foam roller with molded edges

Hackey Sack

Set of 3, high quality hackey sacks

Ping Pong Paddle

Two Ping Ball Paddles + Set Of Ping Pong Balls

Soccer Ball

Set of 3, high quality hackey sacks

Set of 5 pcs Pull up assist bands correspond to different colors, Yellow(5-10 lbs), Red(15-30 lbs), Black(30-60 lbs), Purple (60-100 lbs), Green(70-120 lbs), 89 inches in length

Targets For Baseball

13 Pack – 12 x 12 inch

Tanner Tee Discount

Tanner tee is the original Pro style batting Tee, with the original rolled rubber top

Water Bag Discount

Compared to traditional fixed-weight sandbags, the advantage of this workout water bag is that it allows you to experience unstable real-time-weight.

Tennis Ball Discount

Excellent performance and durability on all court surfaces

Yoga Blocks Discount

STABILITY + BALANCE: Yoga blocks provide the stability and balance needed in your practice to help with optimal alignment, deeper poses and increased strength

Silverback Sports Discount

Total Arm Care Silverback Hitting Set Weighted Balls