Dynamic Medball Toss


We announce a new regular segment of The Farm System.

We will begin releasing a multitude of regular drill selections, mental skill routines, practice techniques, and much more.

On this clip, we dive into a dynamic Medball toss
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Dynamic Medball Toss II

Trying to teach a player to develop power to opposite field?

This Medball drill is a great lower level progression to help the body self-organize.
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PVC Ball Turns

Trying to teach a hitter how to not be so “steep” to the ball? Turn the barrel “deep”? Get their attack angle in the positives?

We bring you a simple drill with two cheap tools to help you develop players and save you a little 💲💲.
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Half Foam Roller Drill

Players struggling to drive the baseball? Swinging and missing on a certain pitch? Hitting a lot of ground balls or popping up frequently?‬

‪This a great drill for hitters to improve movement quality and build spatial awareness.‬

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Backspin Tee

Have guys “undercutting/topping” the ball? Trying to teach them to get on plane with the pitch?‬

‪The @backspintee is a great tool that gives players feedback from their swings.‬

‪Save some💲. For a limited time use code: SPIN10 for 10% off on our site.‬
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Riley Tincher: Fear (1 of 3)

Excited to release our first of a three-part series on FEAR!

Going forward @rileytincher will become part of The Farm System Team and will help us bring value to you!


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The Training Lace from Lace Up

The Training Lace from @laceup_athletics is a great tool for variability training and very cost effective for your program.

On laceup.com use code Baseball10 for 10% off and free shipping anywhere in the U.S.

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Switching Out Your Training Lace

Changing the weight and location of the load is as easy as that and you get to use your own bat.

On use code Baseball10 for 10% off and free shipping anywhere in the U.S.