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With the landscape of evaluating & training baseball and softball players continuing to change, we’re right in the middle of a data revolution across all levels of diamond sports. We admit, it’s difficult conceptualizing the information provided by data and motion capture software; particularly how it relates to the kinematics of the swing. The good news is, you don’t have to make the same mistakes that we did. We’ll help you shorten the learning curve. 

Here’s the story:

Our names are Joey Cunha and Beau Kallas.

We’re the founders of The Farm System Baseball Podcast and we’ve been fortunate enough to work alongside, and even partner with, many of the innovators leading this data revolution. In fact, many leaders in the industry are beginning to lean on our research and expertise when it comes to data and technology. 

This has provided us the opportunity to consult and connect the dots for many MLB, professional, collegiate, high school and youth coaches. We’ve analyzed thousands of data and motion capture reports, ultimately leading to the development of this Level One Biomechanics Course. 

Here’s why this is important for you:

The game is going to continue to progress.. That means that as coaches, we do too.

And that’s why you’re here. You understand the importance of keeping up with the progression of the game. You want to stay up to date on the latest trends of player development. The question is, “Where do I start?”

Introducing our new, jam packed:

level one Biomechanics course

What makes this course different than anything else on the market…


From novice learners to experienced Biomechanists, this course is designed to connect the dots regarding kinematics in relation to the swing, and is delivered in a way that can be understood by any coach… even if this is your first step in understanding biomechanics! 

(And if you’re already somewhat versed in the science of the swing and biomechanics, this course will help you connect the dots between old school techniques and new school innovation)

Here’s an idea of what’s inside:

  • What you need to know about the cause and effect, cyclical relationship between Kinematics and Kinetics (and why it’s problematic for coaches to use these terms interchangeably!) 
  • The foundational block for understanding the initiation of rotation (and what this tells us about the sequence of segments there after!)
  • How Peak Speed Sequence Differs From Transitional Sequence (and what this tells us about our deceleration-sequence!)
  • Why Speed Gain is one of the most effective metrics in gauging how well you are capturing energy from segment to segment (and what this tells us about how we’re creating force!
  • What Role Counter Rotation Plays When Examining Sequence Efficiency (and what this means for the transfer of force!)
  • The most misunderstood metric when looking at Kinematics (and some of the biggest misconceptions about how the body creates speed!) 
  • How to make sure you aren’t being fooled by certain positions or moments in time (and why it’s also important to understand how something is being measured!)
  • How Time To Contact can be deceiving (and why metrics don’t always tell the whole story!)
  • The benefits and limitations of 3D Animation!
  • Why 2D Video Is So Important (and how it connects the dots when it comes to Kinematic Data and 3D Animation)
  • Why Context Is The Most Important Thing To Consider When Examining Kinematics (and what things you should be aware of when collecting data!)

Our main goal at The Farm System is digestibility and accessibility. That’s why we outlined this content and present it through…

Eleven foundational Lessons ⚾️

We broke down the 3.5 hours of information in this course into 11 easily digestible lessons that are foundational in understanding the kinematics of the baseball/softball swing!

Here’s a peak at the curriculum:

  • Lesson One: Kinematic Sequence & Kinetic Chain
  • Lesson Two: Transitional Sequence
  • Lesson Three: Peak Speed Sequence
  • Lesson Four: Speed Gain
  • Lesson Five: Counter Rotation
  • Lesson Six: X – Factor
  • Lesson Seven: Positioning
  • Lesson Eight: Time To Contact
  • Lesson Nine: Animation Implementation
  • Lesson Ten: 2D Video Application
  • Lesson Eleven: Context – Environment/Task

Here’s The Deal 👇

Many coaches and organizations have consulted with us about the very details covered in this Level One Course. They paid thousands to learn these concepts. We’ve condensed that information into a digestible online course that consists of the 11 Foundational Lessons you need to understand the kinematics of the swing.

Similar courses in the industry are going for upwards of $300..

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The game of baseball is changing, regardless of what we do. Investing in yourself = Investing in the future!!