What’s All This Data?

level Two Biomechanics

How can we use data to train the eye?

From beginners to experienced Biomechanists, this course is designed to connect the dots from eyes to the data, and is delivered in a way that can be understood by any coach… old school or new school; even if this is your first step in understanding biomechanics! 

(And if you’re already somewhat versed in the science of the swing and biomechanics, this course will help you connect the dots between what the data is showing and what is happening in the swing)

Here’s a quick snapshot of what’s inside:

  • How we can use motion capture and data to connect what our eyes have seen for decades when it comes to the swing (and how we can use this data to speed up the process of seeing swing deficiencies!) 
  • How we can use the data to help create player development systems that actually work (our brains are pattern recognition systems.. so training the eyes can help us through this process, faster!)
  • Why “pulling the shoulder” is the most common swing flaw across most athletes (and how we can diagnose this quickly with both our eyes and the data!)
  • What causes athletes to spin and over rotate (and how this is influenced both anatomically and through our technique!)
  • Why focusing on hip/shoulder separation can lead to pushy lower halves (and why this technique can lead to connection and adjustability issues!)
  • Why the cues “keep your hands inside the ball” or “hands to the ball” may be causing your hitters to have a pushy upper half (and what this does to our spacing, direction and force transmission!)
  • How this information can provide you a platform for swing adjustments and correction when understood correctly!

That last one is exactly what we pride ourselves on at The Farm System. Not only do we aim to make content digestible and accessible, but it also needs to be implementable! That’s why we outlined this content and present it through…

Eight Digestible Lessons ⚾️

We broke down the two hours of information inside this course into 8 easily digestible lessons that are foundational in connecting what our eyes see to what the data presents!

Here’s a peak at the curriculum:

  • Lesson One: Introduction to Motion Capture & The Eye Test
  • Lesson Two: Creating Force and Rotation
  • Lesson Three: The Dots From Eyes To Data
  • Lesson Four: The Shoulder & Bat Drag
  • Lesson Five: Spin & Over Rotation
  • Lesson Six: Lower Body Push & Knee Dive
  • Lesson Seven: Upper Body Swing & Push
  • Lesson Eight: A Platform For Correction

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