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From: Joey Cunha & Beau Kallas


We started The Farm System 2 years ago to provide quality content to coaches like you.. baseball and softball coaches that were obsessed with helping athletes get the most out of their talents and abilities. Starting as a free podcast that now has listeners in all 50 states and 50+ countries, we wanted to create multiple information streams for coaches that are as invested as we are.

That journey led to the creation of our FREE Development Membership. This platform hosts over 300 resources that include:

  • Practice Plans & Resources to help maximize your practice time, eliminate the noise and get the most out of your team!
  • Hitting Drills & Resources that showcase how some of the top programs and facilities in the country are getting their guys to produce at a high level!
  • Pitching Drills & Resources meant to keep your pitchers healthy, moving more efficiently and throwing harder!
  • Defense Drills & Resources from some of the best defensive coaches in the industry!
  • Game Day Resources to help you find the perfect pre-game routine to get you prepared for first pitch!
  • Mental Game Resources to help get you and your team prepared both physically and mentally!
  • Discount Codes put together to help you get the most out of your budget!
  • Strength and Performance Resources to help integrate on-field performance with strength and performance!
  • Up to date Job Listings so you know when and where the opportunities are!
  • Data Resources to help you make sense of the information that is becoming more and more prevalent!
  • Available Players that are hungry for an opportunity to find a home and continue their playing careers!
  • … and MUCH MORE!

The Development Membership

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Developmental Membership

  • Practice Plans
  • Hitting Resources
  • Pitching Resources
  • Defense Resources
  • Mental Resources
  • Available Players
  • Coaches Spotlight

...But We Didn’t Stop There!

Being students of the game, We felt that there was still valuable content being left on the table.. information that the entire baseball community needed. We had it right under our noses and we knew we had to share it! Introducing..

Player Development Made Easy!

  • Easily digestible training tips and information!
  • Instant Access to 400+ Instructional Videos!
  • Inside Access to resources that MLB and College Teams are utilizing daily!
  • Full digital access to all of the Farm System’s Course Curriculum!
  • Behind the scenes sights and sounds from our 1v1 Training Sessions!
  • 100+ Drills you can implement today!


TheFarm+ streamlines player development content to any device, month over month. We showcase how we are getting baseball and softball players better through:

Our Essentials Of Hitting Mini-Course

Yep.. Farm+ Members receive Instant Access to our Essentials of Hitting Mini Course (Regular $110!) This course is designed with you in mind… to quickly bring you up to speed with the latest research, but in simple terms that can be understood by any coach, even if you’ve never so much as read an article on biomechanics!

Here’s a sneak peak of whats inside:

  • The basic human movement principle that rapidly speeds up the training process for our players (this is the first thing we cover for all of our clients; professionals and youth!)
  • What you need to know about how the body produces force most efficiently and why this is important when it comes to reinforcing movement patterns in the swing (This is the foundational building block for how to generate and create maximal force, consistently.)
  • One of the biggest misconceptions that many coaches teach to their hitters, ESPECIALLY TO YOUNG PLAYERS (and why this can actually coach the good movement patterns out of players!)
  • The simple analogy that can help your hitters increase balance, stability and force transmission (and why this is especially important for youth athletes!)
  • How to get the most out of our engines (Hint.. it’s the BRAKES)
  • Why are first job as a coach is to do no harm (and ensure that ball players leave us better than when they started!)

The Essentials of Hitting Mini Course is more than enough to justify the price for The Farm+ Membership, but we want to make it a no brainer for you.. that’s why Farm+ Members also get full, instant access to our 

Level One Biomechanics Course

When you join Farm+ today, we’re going to give you instant access to our Level One Biomechanics Course (regular $200) that features 3.5 hours and 11 Lessons regarding the kinematics of the swing. Take a look at what’s inside:

  • The foundational block for understanding the initiation of rotation (and what this tells us about the sequence of segments there after!)
  • Why Speed Gain is one of the most effective metrics in gauging how well you are capturing energy from segment to segment (and what this tells us about how we’re creating force!
  • The most misunderstood metric when looking at Kinematics (and some of the biggest misconceptions about how the body creates speed!) 
  • How to make sure you aren’t being fooled by certain positions or moments in time (and why it’s also important to understand how something is being measured!)
  • How Time To Contact can be deceiving (and why metrics don’t always tell the whole story!)
  • Why 2D Video Is So Important (and how it connects the dots when it comes to Kinematic Data and 3D Animation)

And much more! We never give information without applicable takeaways. That’s why The Farm+ also includes..

Level Two Biomechanics Course

Built off the foundational basics of swing biomechanics covered in our Level 1 Course, Farm+ members also get access to our Level 2 Course on Biomechanics! This course features 8 easily digestible lessons that are foundational in connecting Old School Eyes to New School Data! Here’s a quick snapshot of what’s inside: 

  • How we can use the data to help create player development systems that actually work (our brains are pattern recognition systems.. so training the eyes can help us through this process, faster!)
  • Why “pulling the shoulder” is the most common swing flaw across most athletes (and how we can diagnose this quickly with both our eyes and the data!)
  • What causes athletes to spin and over rotate (and how this is influenced both anatomically and through our technique!)
  • Why focusing on hip/shoulder separation can lead to pushy lower halves (and why this technique can lead to connection and adjustability issues!)
  • Why the cues “keep your hands inside the ball” or “hands to the ball” may be causing your hitters to have a pushy upper half (and what this does to our spacing, direction and force transmission!)

And a lot more waiting for you inside this one! If that doesn’t make Farm+ a no brainer for you, we’ve also included the..

FarmBoard Level 1 Course

That’s right.. Farm+ Memberships receive INSTANT access to our Level 1 Course on our fan-favorite player development tool, The FarmBoard! Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside the FarmBoard Level One Course + Drill Package:

📝 EIGHT Course Lessons opening up the science behind how and why the FarmBoard works

⚾️ EIGHT FarmBoard Hitting Drill Videos

⚾️ EIGHT FarmBoard Pitching Drill Videos

⚾️ EIGHT FarmBoard Strength & Performance Videos

That’s an additional 32 course videos included with your membership! But.. we’re just getting warmed up. We never give information without applicable takeaways. That’s why The Farm+ also includes..


FarmDrills Gif
  • 100+ Drills (and continually adding!)
  • Hitting Drills tailored for more efficient movement and force transmission!
  • Pitching Drills specified for arm health and strength!
  • Strength & Performance Drills that will help performance transfer onto the field!
  • FarmBoard Drills that we’re integrating with our professional clientele!
  • In depth Drill Explanations and Break Downs. (Understand the when & where to implementing a drill or sequence)

What good do drills do if you don’t have context behind them? What’s why The Farm+ also includes…


  • Become a fly on the wall with the 200+ FarmTalks featuring the sights and sounds that happen during training sessions!
  • The training techniques we utilize during the Player Development Process!
  • The open dialogue that occurs during our Youth & Pro Sessions!
  • The Verbal Cues that can help you unlock the most stubborn movements.
  • How we integrate and utilize implements to mold the Swing!
  • New FarmTalks are added monthly and delivered right to your fingertips!

Farm+ Exclusive Video Content

  • Join us as we give you our EYES and show you how we view the swing.
  • Swing Breakdowns featuring some of the best players in the Game
  • See the Before and Afters as players make changes
  • Presentations on different aspects of Player Development
  • Defensive strategy sessions
  • New Content Uploaded Monthly

Myth Vs Fact

The Farm Myth vs Fact
  • Mini-Episodes featuring the most common terms in baseball & softball that we dub Myth vs Fact!
  • What is really Happening vs. Misunderstood Concepts
  • Were the Old School coaches right? Are the New School concepts misguided?
  • What are you missing in the swing?


  • The new way to consume the latest trends and information related to player development
  • Blogs featuring in-depth analysis of data & tech and how it relates to the swing
  • Focused articles on the science of Hitting and Human Movement
  • Leadership development and mentorship

FarmPlus Twitter Group

FarmPlus Twitter Group
  • Farm+ Members Are Invited To Join The Exclusive Twitter Group!
  • Exclusive Live Streams of our training sessions, player development systems, interviews and much more that won’t be available anywhere else!
  • Q & A’s with some of the most credible coaches in the industry today!
  • A Group Of Coaches + Players That Are Hungry To Share and Gain Information!

Auto Entry Into All Future Giveaways

Giving back has been the priority of The Farm System since day one. Farm+ members are automatically entered into all of our giveaways! Some of the prizes our members have won include:

  • Blast Motion Sensors
  • Ballistic Throwing Sets From Silverback Sports
  • The QAB Bundle From Steve Springer
  • Ballistic Hitting Sets From Silverback Sports
  • The FarmBoard Bundle
  • Diamond Sports BP Baseballs and Coaches Fungo

Free stuff and discounts are cool, that’s why Farm+ Members also receive..

15% Off The FarmBoard 2.0

Farm+ Members receive 15% off our best selling player development tool! The FarmBoard is being used by players and coaches of all levels ranging from MLB to Elite Youth Travel Ball! Here’s a brief over view of The FarmBoard:

  • Helps solve the main movement problems of amateur players
  • MLB & College teams, like Clemson, are using it every day!
  • You can use it literally anywhere! (It might have a use in the kitchen🤷🏻‍♂️)
  • Includes Training Course revealing the science behind The FarmBoard and our go-to-drills
  • Minimal coaching needed: Just place it on the floor and use the drills as shown in the videos… That’s the beauty of this! It does most of the coaching for you.

Farm+ Members also receive..

$300 Off 4D Motion Capture System

A revolutionary wireless 3D Full Body & Bat Motion Capture System with sensors smaller than a poker chip, created to capture your movements in 3D for analysis right on your tablet or smart phone! The software provides 3D visualization of your setup and swing, data and even an overlay comparison of swings! Farm+ Members receive up to $300 off The 4D Motion Capture System!

Full Access To ALL Of The Farm System's Resources

All of the resources we’ve covered to this point The Farm System creates in house, but we’ve also collected an additional 300+ resources from some of the top teams and programs across the country. Consisting of Hitting, Pitching, Strength and Performance, Practice Plans & more, Our Farm+ Members receive full, instant access to all of this material as well.. a NO BRAINER for any coach or player working to get better!

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For the price of a cup of coffee and a donut, The Farm+ is going to take the guess work out of Player Development for you. Sit back and enjoy that warm cup of coffee as you stream training material that will make you a better coach or player! 


What's Inside:
  • Instant Access To Our Level 2 Biomechanics Course
  • Instant Access To Our Level 1 Biomechanics Course
  • Instant Access To Our Level 1 FarmBoard Course
  • Instant Access To Our Essentials of Hitting Mini Course
  • Access To 100+ Drill Videos (Continually Added)
  • Access To 200+ Farm Talk Videos (Continually Added)
  • Access To All Video Analysis Breakdowns (Continually Added)
  • Access To All Monthly Blogs & Articles (Continually Added)
  • Access To All Myth vs Fact Mini-Episodes (Continually Added)
  • Discounts On Farm System Apparel and Products
  • Automatic Entry Into All Future Giveaways
  • 15% Off The FarmBoard
  • Up To $300 Off 4D Motion's Capture System
  • Additional Discounts From Our Partners

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