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Pitchers: ever struggled with pulldowns not transferring to your delivery? Maybe (just maybe), it’s because you’re doing 100 foot running throws and falling on your face, in patterns that don’t remotely resemble your pitching mechanics. Try 1-3 step pulldowns instead. Trust me.”

Coming set with the weight on the front foot is a strategy a lot of efficient throwers use to keep the same weight shift they have out of the windup. ⁣With weight distribution in favor of the front leg, it forces the weight out front and creates better angles to drive from.”

I’ve talked about this before, but keeping the feet moving as you come set can really help some pitchers feel more comfortable and less flat footed throwing out of the stretch. Worth tinkering with if you have a disparity between your windup/stretch!”

Revisiting tempo – How important is tempo to velocity? As it turns out, the majority of elite throwers fall into a pattern. Let’s break down that pattern (and how to measure it) in this post: treadathletics.com/tempo/

Side angles help us better appreciate lower half mechanics. Notice how the leg lift sets up the resulting drive phase with a dynamic forward move. No balance points. No triple extension. No tall and fall. No drop and drive!”

A one-day before / after of remote athlete @Johnny_Davis12 who drove in for a session yesterday. Major breakthrough and an almost immediate change for a very stubborn arm timing issue. See how he did it above!

Never gets old: A young Bartolo Colon, back when he blew 100 mph. Notice the heavy drift, projecting his center of mass away from the rubber, followed by accelerating with the back leg. Very athletic movements, despite the physique (which was admittedly much better back then).”

Great example of well-timed upper half intent from Robb Nen (blowing 101 MPH by Jim Thome)… Let the arms float into position, hold the shoulders back, get the hips open, then pull down like your life depends on it.

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